New Year's Eve Show
Brother Brigham's
December 31st, 2011 8pm pt

Come celebrate New Year's Eve with some live acoustic music! Show starts at 8 pm pacific time.

Joe Rizzo is a San Francisco bay area singer-songwriter performing acoustic finger-picking folk rock/ragtime/traditional songs along with his own unique blend of original music.

Influences include the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, Mississippi John Hurt, Jack Johnson, Rev. Gary Davis, Jason Mraz, Elizabeth Cotten, Bob Dylan, the Beatles and much more.

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Joe @ Noe Valley San Francisco

Experience or Listen to the Live Show using any of the following methods:

    • Log into Second Life Second Life iconexperience the concert in a live virtual 3D environment.
    • Use iTunesiTunes iconon your Windows PC or Macintosh to listen.
    • Use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch iPod Touchwith either FStream FStream icon, WunderRadioWunderRadio iconor Pocket Metaverse Pro Pocket Metaverse Proto listen.

How to Attend the Performance in Second Life

requirements: Second Life account, broadband Internet connection, computer with good graphics capability

1. Log into Second Life Second Life icon on Saturday December 31st, 2011 about 10 minutes before 8 pm Pacific Time (11 Eastern Time).

2. Teleport to Brother Brigham's




Brother Brigham's

How to Listen to the Live Broadcast via iTunes

1. Launch iTunes iTunes iconon Saturday December 31st at 8 pm Pacific Time (11 Eastern Time).

2. From the menu bar, select Advanced > Open Audio Stream
Advanced > Open Audio Stream
3. Type in: then click OK.

4. The audio stream should automatically begin and you should hear music.
If music doesn't start automatically click the Play button.
Clicking Play button in iTunes
(Occasionally the broadcast may start a few minutes late due to previous performers finishing late or technical difficulties. If you do not hear anything right at the broadcast time, wait a few minutes and the stream should start).

5. Turn up your speakers and enjoy...

How to Listen to the Live Broadcast with an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad


  • an iPhone (3G, 3Gs, 4G model or greater) or iPod Touch (2nd, 3rd, 4th generation or greater).
  • A wireless Internet connection (wi-fi wireless preferred but 3G over iPhone will work but is slower).
  • One of the following applications:
    • FStream - this app allows you to enter a custom Audio Stream URL. Download and install either from the iTunes store on your desktop computer with iTunes or using the App Store on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Free!
    • WunderRadio - this app allows you to enter a custom Audio Stream URL. Purchased from the iTunes store on your desktop computer with iTunes or directly using the App Store on the iPhone or iPod Touch. Cost $6.99

Configuring FStream
  1. Launch FStream. FStream icon
  2. Touch the Favorites icon.
  3. Touch the Edit button.
  4. Touch the Add new webradio option.
  5. In the Name field type: Joe Rizzo's Live Stream
  6. In the URL field type:
  7. Leave the Encoding field empty.
  8. Touch the Save button, then touch Done.
  9. Select the Play button.
  10. Select Joe Rizzo's Live Stream
  11. The stream should begin playing (assuming a live performance is being broadcast). Enjoy the music!

Configuring WunderRadio
  1. Launch WunderRadio. WunderRadio icon
  2. Click on the Stations icon.
  3. In the Search area at the top of the screen type in the full url. For example: (this is Joe's normal audio stream url but for some clubs and performances this url will change)
  4. Click the Search button at the bottom right side of the screen.
  5. Click on the url audio stream listed under the words Open URL. For example, you might see:
  6. The stream should begin playing. Enjoy the music!
  7. (Optional step: Click the + icon at the top right corner of the screen to store the stream url to your Favorites, then click Ok).

iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with Pocket Metaverse Pro


  • an Apple iPhone (3G or 3Gs model or greater), iPod Touch (2nd generation or greater) or iPad.
  • a Second Life account - accounts are free. Premium (pay) accounts are available if you want to own virtual property.
  • Pocket Metaverse Pro - this application allows you to teleport to the concert location and enable the parcel audio stream. Pocket Metaverse Pro needs to be purchased from the iTunes store on your desktop computer with iTunes or directly using the App Store on the iPhone or iPod Touch. Cost $4.99
  • A wireless Internet connection (wi-fi wireless preferred but 3G over iPhone should work but is slower).
  1. Launch Pocket Metaverse Pro. Pocket Metaverse Pro
  2. Click on the Settings button and make sure 'Enable Parcel Media' slider is set to On.
  3. Log into your Second Life Account.
  4. Search for the concert location using Search option. Teleport to concert location.
  5. Once there, make sure to enable the Parcel Media button to hear the audio stream.

For more information on how to use Pocket Metaverse Pro - check

For More Information

Second Life - - Download the free 3D virtual reality application. Create a free basic account.
iTunes - - Download the music player for free. Windows and Macintosh compatible.
WunderRadio - Streaming radio application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
Pocket Metaverse Pro - Application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to access Second Life account.
Time and Date - Check what time it is in different time zones around the world.

Note: All show & broadcast times listed are based on the time in California - the Pacific Standard Time zone (UTC/GMT -8 hours) including all Second Life live broadcast performances. (This is the same timezone as the clock used in 'Second Life', sometimes refered to as SLT). For a time zone world clock converter check and compare 'San Francisco' time to your area.

Problems? - Can't stream audio?

last update: December 29, 2011