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The following are a list of useful computer and network related resources and links arranged by topic in alphabetic order.

Problems with your computer - check out the Troubleshooting Tips

Apple Macintosh Computers
Accelerate Your Mac, Apple Specs, Apple, AppleCare Support, Apple Insider, Macfixit, MacInTouch, Macintosh Digital Hub, MacObserver, Mac OS X Hints, MacSurfer, MacWindows, MacNN, Mac Products Guide, Mac Rumors, Mac Seminars, Mac Windows, Macworld, Macworld Expo, Microsoft Mactopia, Magical Mac Key Sequences, PB FixIt, PowerBookResQ, Powerpage, Spymac, Think Secret, Version Tracker

Bandwidth Testing
Bandwidth Speed Test

BIOS & Motherboards
Amibios, Asus, Motherboard Info

Cabling and Converters

CD Burners & Software
CDBurnerXP Pro, Nero, Plextor, Roxio, Smart and Friendly, QPS Inc

CD Label Kits
Emerald International, Neato

Cleaning Supplies
Klear Screen

CPU Chips
AMD, Chip Merchant, Cyrix, Intel

Database Software
File Maker Pro

Apple Mail, Campusi, Entourage, Eudora, Hotmail, Gmail, Interguru's E-mail Address Conversions, Lotus Notes, Mailstart, Mail2web, Outlook, Pine, Thunderbird, Yahoo Mail


PC Error Codes

3 Com, D-Link, General Ethernet card adapter info

Expos and Conferences
Comdex, Internet World, Macworld, Seybold

What Is Listing of all File Extensions

STF, WinFax Pro, WinNT Fax Solutions

OrangeMicro, VST

Herman Miller Red, Marathon

2600, Def Con

Hard Drives, Storage, Data Recovery & Disk Utilities
Alsoft Disk Warrior, Check It, Drive Savers, Driveway, Executive Software - Diskkeeper, Glyph, Hitachi, Iomega, LaCie, Norton Utilities, On Track, Powerquest, Restoration, RevRdist, Seagate, Techtool Pro, QPS Que, Quantum, Western Digital


Internet Service Providers, DSL, Cable Modem Access
AOL, Astound, Comcast, Earth Link, FreeDSL,, Lycos, Netcom, Netzero, RCN, SBC Global, SF Bay Area, Sirius, Sonic, Speak Easy



Byte, Computer User, Computer Shopper, Internet World, MacWorld, PC Magazine, PC World , Wired

Memory (RAM)
Crucial, Kingston, MemoryX, Other World Computing, RamSeeker, SA Technologies

Kensington, Logitech, Microsoft Mouse & Keyboards, Mighty Mouse

Major Computer Retail & Mail Order Stores
Apple, CompUSA, Dell, E Machines, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, Microware House, MacMall, NewEgg, PC Connection, Sony, Tiger Direct

Mobile and Wireless Computing, PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants), Wireless Phones, Battery Information
AT&T, AT&T Business Traveler, AT&T Worldwide Traveler Calling Tools, Battery Information, Brunton, Cingular, Ericsson, Freeware Palm, Get Connected, Green Mountain Global, Handspring, Howard Forums, MCI, Mobile and Wireless Computer Information, Motorola, Nextel, Nokia, Palm Pilot, Sprint, Teleadapt, Telecommuter's Toolkit, T-Mobile, VoiceStream, Windows CE

Motorola, Test Modem Speed, U.S. Robotics

Monitors & Displays
Apple Displays, NEC, Portrait Displays, Sony, ViewSonic

Nslookup & Domain Name Utilities
Web Based Whois and Nslookup

PC & Mac Conductivity
Connectix, Dataviz, PC MacLan, Thursby, Timbuktu

PCI Slot Expansion

Prices on various pc components
Memory Prices, Price Watch

Printers, Printing Supplies, Ink Cartridges, Ink Refills
C3 Supply Toner Cartridges, Canon, Carrot Ink, Epson, Hewlett Packard, HP Install Network Printer Wizard, Ink Cartidge, Klassic Specialties, Printer Ink Warehouse

Privacy Software
Anonymizer, GhostSurf, JAP Anonymity & Privacy, Proxy Portal, Lavasoft Ad Aware, OptOut

Microsoft Press, O'Reilly, Peachpit Press

Quiet PC Parts & Supplies
1 Cool PC, Acoustilock, Active Cool, Antec, Auralex Acoustics, Belkin (KVM extenders), Carillion Audio Systems, Dynamat, Elm (Pabst fans) , End PC Noise, Gefen (KVM extenders), Isomac, Noise Control, OcShoot, QuietPC, Quiet Solution, Samsung (Hard Drives with NoiseGuard), Seagate (Softsonic Harddrives), Silent PC, Silent Systems, Sound Construction and Supply, Inc, Yahoo Silent-PC, Zalman

Registry Utilities

Hewlett Packard, Microtek, Scan Tips, Umax

Screen Capture
Snag It, Snapz Pro

Screen Savers
Bliss Saver, Cthuga, Electric!, Galt Shareware, Psychedelic Screen saver, SoundSpectrum, Virtual Creatures, Webshots, Windows Screen savers

Adaptec SCSI, Scsi World

Search Services
All the Web, Askjeeves, Excite, Copernic, Dogpile, Google, HotBot, Lycos, Metacrawler, Metasearch, Multicrawl, Search.Com, Teoma, Vivisimo, WebCrawler, Webseer, Yahoo

Security & Spyware
Adaware, CERT Coordination Center, FoolProof , Home Network Security (CERT), JavaCool Software, Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware, Pest Patrol, PGP, SafeGuard, SecureMac, Spybot, Wilders Security Forum, ZoneAlarm

Association of Shareware Professionals, Cnet, Garbo, Happy Puppy, Macintosh Software, Mac Music shareware,, Tucows,, Zdnet

Sound Cards
Creative Labs (Soundblaster), Digidesign, Digital Audio Labs, Event Electronics, Frontier Design, Hoontech, I/O Magic, Lexicon, Reveal, Star Multimedia Corporation, Turtle Beach, Windows Sound Card Drivers

Spam Filters

Stores (SF Bay Area) & Manufacturers
Atman MPC, Central Computer, CompUSA, Hi-Tech USA, OmniPro, San Francisco Computer Company

Tape Backup
Apstech, Ecrix, Onstream

SpringCleaning (Mac)

Utilities & Bootable CD's
Bart's PE, Spinrite, Ultimate Boot CD

Video Adapters
Diamond Multimedia, Diamond Multimedia Video Chip Identifier, Matrox, Nvidia, Trident info, Trident drivers

Virus Information
AVG Free, Urban legends/Hoaxes, Gibson Research Corp, McAfee, McAfee Virus Library, National Infrastructure Protection Agency, Symantec Antivirus Research Center

Web Hosting
1&1, Answerable, Cihost, Go Daddy

Windows Issues
IRQ Conflicts , Dial Up Networking Issues by Microsoft, Fixing Corrupted Fonts, Tips on Fine Tuning Win98, Windows 98 Annoyances, Windows 98 Review, Microsoft NT Error Messages, Windows NT tech support by JSI

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